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Dale Eads, Owner of Arnold’s Plumbing

Being a native Oklahoman, I grew up with many of the same blue-collared work ethics as many of you which is probably what led me to become a plumber Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is a state full of hardworking people who don’t ask for much other than to be treated fairly, with honesty and respect. These are the traits I look for and expect out of others and demand from myself. Having grown up with a deep understanding and appreciation of the true message of the Creator that I do unto others as I would have done unto myself, I know the importance of treating my customers as if they were my own family. I have had the pleasure of serving many of my customers for a number of years and over the years, we have practically become family. I see many of them when they are having a very rough time of it. It just makes me feel good knowing that I have helped them as their plumber Oklahoma City when they needed it the most. When we shake hands and I drive away, I know I have done my very best to give them the help they needed exactly when they needed it. Seeing them smile and wave goodbye lets me know that I am doing a good job and done right by them. 

Having proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, I had the principles of duty, honor, and service drilled into me. These principles serve as the very core of what makes me the man I am today. I believe these principles have made me a better husband and father, a better plumber Oklahoma City, and a better member of the community. It all boils down to this – I will always strive to treat my customers with honesty and integrity, because these are the same values I was raised with and ask of others.

Vision For The Company

I believe when you ask most owners of plumbing companies where they see their business in five to ten years, they will say that they see themselves as owning the largest plumbing company in the city or even the state. They explain how they expect to have a fleet of trucks rolling out of their own building, spreading out across the city. The dream of maybe even having multiple locations across the state is not out of bounds for their vision. It won’t stop with plumber Oklahoma City in many instances. They dream of adding heating and cooling, electrical, and maybe even general repair and roofing.

Do I want more for my company, well, of course, I do. I believe it is every man’s right to want more for himself and his family. While there is nothing wrong with dreaming, the important thing is not letting those dreams blind oneself to reality. The problem as I see it is that most of those other plumber Oklahoma City simply talk quantity, not quality of work. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand or five thousand names in your customer database if none of those customers ever call you again because of the poor quality of your work or the feeling of having been taken advantage of as they see you drive away.

Why am I a Plumber 

The story is a simple one. Like most people, I had no clue where I was headed with my life, but I knew I was getting nowhere fast. I had worked for a plumbing wholesaler, and as strange as this may seem to you, I found plumbing quite interesting. There is a lot more that goes into being a plumber Oklahoma City than most people appreciate or can understand. Whether it is running a new gas line for a home generator or replacing a sewer line, every job has its unique challenges. A plumber must be thoroughly versed in the adopted building codes for each municipality and keep current on new techniques and materials.

When I was rewarded with the joy and responsibility of a wife and two sons, I decided that I needed to forge a direction in my life. I looked around at what I could do to provide a stable quality of life for my growing family, and plumbing was the obvious choice. Everybody has it, and everybody needs it. Whether commercial or residential, there will always be a need for plumbing and, therefore, a need for a plumber Oklahoma City. After learning the trade working for a residential new construction plumber, I launched Arnold’s Plumbing and have never looked back. While some years have been better than others, the plumbing business has always provided for my family. Moreover, I have been able to develop a loyal customer base, which has grown into friends over the years.

Why You Should Work Here

No matter what career you choose in life, you will find there are those individuals who always struggle with the trade. They never seem to master their chosen craft, and that shortcoming is reflected in their work and carries over into their everyday life. You can hit a thousand golf balls or a hundred thousand and never be the next Arnold Palmer. If you look at it properly, you will see that doing any trade properly is genuinely an art form. Being a plumber Oklahoma City is not just sticking two lengths of pipe together. There is a right way and a wrong way. There are no shortcuts to quality. If you are looking purely at collecting a paycheck, then this is not the company for you. However, if you want to learn the trade right, learn how to do quality work, learn how to build and maintain a happy customer base, and earn an honest day’s wage, then you might be the person for Arnold’s Plumbing.

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A plumber Oklahoma City job is often as much mental as it is physical. In many ways, you are like a detective arriving on the scene of a crime. You have to analyze what the problem is and, more importantly, where it is. You weren’t there when they poured that slab to the house. The problem could lie anywhere underneath or not in the house at all. Developing a good set of analytical skills is every bit as important as learning how to thread a pipe. These are the types of skills you will learn by working with someone who is a master at their craft.

When it comes to becoming a plumber Oklahoma City, your options seem almost endless. There are big ones, little ones, guys who specialize in clean-outs, guys who specialize in under the slab work, and on and on. Where do you start your search? How do you know if the guy who rolls up to your door knows his business? How do you know who you can trust? It can be very confusing.